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[ # ] Unfortunate Mishap
December 18th, 2006 under Uncategorized

It is with my regret to inform you that we were disqualified in last nights gamebattles clan match against clan [RED]. It seems that everything was fine in the beginning of the clan match. We were down a few rounds and came back for the victory win when Clan [RED] started making accusations against our members stating that the member’s names on gamebattles.com weren’t matching their gamertags. An investigation was placed by 1 of the gamebattles referee’s who came to the conclusion that our members names didn’t match, that we were not eligible to participate in the match. Its seems that your gamebattle I.D must match your xboxlive gamertag. I’ve provided a link down below to a conversation with our members to one of the admins over at gamebattles.com.
Gamebattles Ruling

P Escobar

P.S Please be sure that all your information is correct. We cannot afford another mishap like this.