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[ # ] 1st Victory
December 18th, 2006 under Uncategorized

First a foremost I’d like to thank the Koma-inu members that participated in last night’s victory over clan [BAD].  We are currently 1-0 on the Winter Season 07: Team Survival Ladder for gamebattles.com, we are now ranked 149. The clan match consisted of  5 rounds on 3 maps for 5 minutes on the team survival game type. The Teams for this match  were MVP Smar19, Left0v3rCrack,Angrybigbill200, PIcUda, Weltz,  Whitelightnin33, and P4BL0 EsC0BaR. Volt as our 1st map, Dam as their 2nd map, 3rd map was not determined. Seconds into the clan match KNU members were able to determine teams, Feild positions, and points of entry which ultimately led us to our 1st victory against clan [BAD].  Overall it was a good clean match, both clans played extremely well and we are looking forward to a rematch later in the future. Till then, safe gaming and Happy Holidays to all! 

P Escobar