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Koma-Inu TV
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Koma-Inu.org Vodcast is looking for a female with an ability to butt in with a biased opinion on competitive gaming. This chick will be on top of our gaming news headlines. She will be so outspoken, that our producers will have to occasionally “gag” her to keep the Vodcast on time.
We know who this chick is!
KNU TV Talent
You can find out who this is, just look for the premiere Vodcast, coming soon!

Vodcast (or Video Podcast) is an emerging term used for the online delivery of video on demand content via RSS enclosures. The term is an evolution, specialized for video, coming from the generally audio-based “podcast and referring to Video On Demand (VOD) and (web-, narrow-, broad-) casting.”

Xbox Night Out
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Cheyenne Grill Gamming

Great food, refreshing drink – what more could you ask for?

—An exciting xbox game.
Well xbox gamers you can have your matches and a night out at the same time in Atlanta Ga. Cheyenne Grill is the place to down a cold one with friends while fragging your opponents in GRAW or Rainbow SIX Vegas.

EA sports leagues currently forming for competition game playing. League players must be 21 to participate. Sponsored by EA Games & Budweiser.

OldPro sports
When in Palo Alto, CA stop by The OldPro. XBOX 360s are on two 4-foot screens. Just ask for games and controllers at the bar.

Rock N Sports Bar & Grill in Tampa FL.
Rock N Sports Bar
Rock N Sports Bar Xbox

If you own a sports bar and have the XBox 360 system or if you happen to stop at a bar and find out they have an XBox 360, please post the information, and include photos if possible. KNU members are always looking for a good game.