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Chromehounds Xbox 360
November 16th, 2007 under Uncategorized. [ Comments: none ]

Seems like there are a few interesting points about CH. I might as well add my 2 cents…

We all go out and buy the “must have” games that are top-rated, have kick ass eye candy, nice physics, and limitless options. We do this for many reasons, especially for the new, fresh gaming experience. After a few weeks, and if we’re lucky, a few months, the redunancy sets in and we find ourselves with the only motivation being to rank up or accumulate some form of intangible statistic. Soon after, it ends up collecting dust or back on the shelf at GameStop. This is all fine, because we got our $60 worth over a few weeks. But there is one game in the library that never seems to collect dust.

The beauty of Chromehounds is that it has something for almost every type of gamer. Run-and-gun type gamers tend to build the fast and agile mechs to get in the face of the opposition. Those who prefer total destruction tend to build the heavy gunners to support the front lines raining a blizzard of splash damage or in some cases (Kubang) from point-blank range. Some gamers prefer to orchestrate the battle, observing how the engagement unfolds and directing the team with countermeasures. By designing your own mech from the ground up, the options are limitless. Whether you are the fast action gamer or the methodical strategist, Chromehounds offers a cornicopia of possibilities.

Even after all the new releases have lost their luster, Chromehounds keeps the interest alive.

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