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My Xbox 360 Died! Will Yours?
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Reported from gizmodo.com

Dean Takahashi, one of the most respected tech journos around, spent years putting together this mind-blowing expose that reveals the truly epic scale of the problems that lead to millions of dead Xbox 360s . It really is one of the most stunning flustercucks in gaming history. According to his account, Microsoft willfully ignored deep, systemic problems in the console’s production that reached from chipmakers

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Large-scale modern warfare for the 360 will be available September 2008. Tom Clancy franchise delivering a radically different approach of RTS tailored specifically to the strengths of a console with an impressive voice-command system. You can control up to 12 units at once. Since each unit is a platoon or company this means you can be controlling hundreds of soldiers at once. They are very easy to group together, for example saying “Create Group” in voice command will create a Team. You can then select this team easily by saying “Red Team…Attack” for example. It’s also very easy to create a group using the controller. Just hold down the Left Trigger and you can select multiple units with the D-Pad. Then A selects groups and Y saves groups. Play single player or co-op in the Skirmish mode. and online ranked matches.

Upgraded Tanks

Upgraded Tanks

EndWar delivers an incredibly battlefield simulation by acknowledging the importance of situational awareness and quality intelligence gathering, only allowing you to see what your troops can see.

Battlefield: Bad Company Demo
June 6th, 2008 under Uncategorized. [ Comments: none ]

In this innovative next-generation shooter get a taste of all the single-player and multiplayer action you can handle with the Battlefield: Bad Company

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