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ThePartyman maxed out Oblivion
July 9th, 2009 under Uncategorized. [ Comments: none ]

ThePartyman maxed out his character on Oblivion. At level 53!!! with 678 health, 300 magicka, all attributes at 100, and 100% resistance to *all* magic!

He would like to know, has anyone else out there even come close to this?

NO XBOX LIVE Tuesday June 16, 2009
June 16th, 2009 under Uncategorized. [ Comments: none ]

Microsoft is updating the xbox network today. It should be back on late Tuesday Night or Wednesday morning.

Service Currently Unavailable

The Xbox Support Web site and the Windows LIVE service are undergoing system maintenance and upgrades to provide you with a better online experience. Web service and phone support will have limited or no availability for approximately 24 hours beginning on June 16 at 12:01AM Pacific Time. Your patience is greatly appreciated during this time.

Could this be the next gaming platform?(updated)
December 17th, 2008 under Uncategorized. [ Comments: none ]

The games demoed were Pangea, whose Brian Greenstone showed off Enigmo and Cro-Mag Rally, a racing game that uses the iPhone itself as the steering wheel, via the accelerometer. Again, the graphics were high-quality, and gameplay was described as “totally playable”
A demo of Sega’s Super Monkey Ball with some 110 stages and all four classic monkeys, including Baby. the graphics look unbelievable compared to anything we’ve seen on a cellphone before — easily DS-quality graphics.

Digital Legends Entertainment demoed “Kroll” a God of War-type game that they had developed in only two weeks that featured graphics somewhere between the DS and PSP. It’ll be ready sometime in September.

With Apple planning on selling over 10 million iPhones this year, that gives developers a platform with the type of reach that any gaming platform would consider a success especially when you consider the Xbox 360 just recently hit the 10 million console milestone. Add to that, developers don’t have to worry about distribution through traditional means since they can simply upload their game to the App Store and allow Apple to handle payment processing and distribution.

Metal Gear

Metal Gear

KONAMI will make downloads of METAL GEAR SOLID TOUCH, DanceDanceRevolution S Lite, SILENT HILL The Escape and Frogger for the iPhone and iPod touch progressively available from late this month 12/08.
Metal Gear Sharp Shooter

Metal Gear Sharp Shooter

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